Deer antlers

Deer Antler (Cervus Elaphus)


Deer antler is a noble material whose physical properties and symbolic relationship to nature and wildlife have made it a highly valued product in the world of hunting, adventure and natural medicine.


Our company exports deer antler in bulk to different countries in the world, guaranteeing that the corresponding health and quality standards required by the national and the European laws are met.


Deer Export, S.L. only works with antlers that come from the natural fall, therefore we are a eco-friendly company. Every year at the end of March, deer males loose their antlers and almost immediately begin to grow new ones, which reach their definitive dimensions in just over three months. The size and number of tips on the antlers give us an idea on the animal’s age. However, in adult animals, this also depends on their genetic characteristics, nutritional state and potency. The healthiest deer are those with the most highly developed antlers.

Antlers have always played a very important role in the beliefs of our ancestors and even today they retain their mythological essence. The prestige of the deer is not only related to its appearance, beauty, grace and agility, but also to the cycle of regeneration and growth of its antlers.

astas de ciervo

The fact that, when the males are in rut (during the mating season) they challenge each other in ritual combat, facing off with their antlers until one emerges victorious, mating with the majority of the females in the herd, and the natural growth of the antlers annually, related them to abundance, fertility, the rhythms of growth and rebirth.

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