The first company importing and exporting deer antler in Spain, since 1982

Deer Export, S.L. is a family business that was created in 1982. It is the oldest company in the deer antler collection and commercialization sector in Spain. The company was born with the idea of using a raw material with extraordinary qualities that can be obtained in a natural way, without causing any damage to the environment.

Our main activity is the exportation of deer antler, although we also work with other kind of antlers, such as the fallow deer antler. In all cases, we guarantee the natural origin of our antlers, which are collected after their natural fall every year. We export deer antler and fallow deer antler to different countries in the world.

Our mission, vision and values are the following:

Mission: commercialize deer antler, guaranteeing the highest quality with the objective of satisfying our clients’ needs.

Vision: leading the deer antler business at a global level.

Values: corporate responsibility, honesty, loyalty to our clients and respect for environment.

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